How Sushma got her transcripts sent out to several colleges in Texas, USA March 14 2017, 5 Comments

Sushma approached us with a request for transcripts for her BSc degree from Karnatak University Dharwad. She lived in Houston, Texas. She had applied to about 8 post graduate programs in medical sciences at various colleges in Texas. She had a very likely chance of getting admitted into many programs. She was targeting Baylor College of Medicine as the college was pretty close to her home. However, what shocked her was, just before 1 week of final admission decisions, Baylor college told her during the last week of December that since she had not submitted transcripts in sealed envelopes directly obtained from Karnatak University Dharwad therefore they would not be considering them as official transcripts. She was in a hurry, approached her relatives and friends in Dharwad to get the transcripts but process was complicated, and none had any idea about it. That is when she googled and found logistics service. She simply submitted a request online, paid online, submitted the scanned copies of the mark sheets. In the next working day her application was reviewed, an application packet created, official transcripts application was submitted. Acknowledgement of the application was sent back to her the same day. She presented that to the admissions committee and asked for time extension. Within 4 working days after her transcripts were obtained and directly sent across to the Baylor college of Medicine, TX by FedEx. Now she is quite happy that she could make it to the college on time.