Discover how Anitha obtained her transcripts from 3 universities March 14 2017, 1 Comment

Anitha was a studious, meritorious, ambitious person. She had gone after and completed three degrees. She had completed her Bachelor of Arts from Bangalore University, Master of Science in Psychology from University of Mysore and  Master of Science in Wild Life Biology and Conservation from Manipal University, which was conducted at National Centre for Biological Studies in Bangalore. Now Anitha was aspiring to take up her PhD in the United States at certain top universities such as University of Minnesota, University of Arizona and University of Florida  starting Fall 2014. However Anitha had a bigger challenge; She had to get her transcripts from three different cities, Bangalore for Bangalore University, Mysore for University of Mysore and Manipal, Udupi for her Manipal University education. At the back of her mind, she worked out the number of days it would take if she were to travel and apply to each of these universities and obtain them. She calculated a minimum of 40-60 days for her to be able to get all the transcripts from these universities.This was a nightmare considering that she was in a full time job, had a family to take care, travel, and cost involved. She had postponed her decision for applying in the last academic year for this sole reason.

She accidentally found out when she was talking to a friend about She applied online for all the three universities as a single request. She realized that the total processing time to get the transcripts through logistics service from would reduce as the requests would be processed simultaneously at each University. Sent us the necessary documents and transferred the money. Her transcript application packets were duly checked, prepared and processed through the respective Universities, and she got three transcript packets within 9 working days.


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