Discover how Sandeep Patel saved 50% costs to get his transcripts January 31 2014, 0 Comments


Sandeep Patel completed his undergraduate program in Business Management from a reputed college in Bangalore. He wanted to apply to MBA programs in Canada, UK, Australia and found that he had to attach official transcripts from Bangalore university with his application. Sandeep Patel stayed in Mumbai and travelling to Bangalore for this purpose and staying there would have costed him valuable time during his GMAT preparation as well as money for his travel, lodging and boarding. He had heard about ClearTranscripts service from his friend and applied online through ClearTranscripts obtained the necessary documents from him, verified and processed the application packet, the official transcripts were dispatched in 5 working days.


Illustration of his savings:

Travel from Mumbai to Bangalore Rs.1000.00
Stay in lodge for 4-5 days Rs.2000.00
Food costs Rs.500.00
Local travel (bus/auto) Rs.200.00
Travel from Bangalore to Mumbai Rs.1000.00

University Fees for 3 copies, DD charges, Printout, Xerox etc

Total charges Rs.5900.00
ClearTranscripts Cost Rs.2950.00
Net savings Rs.2950.00

His testimonial says it all - 
"Thanks a lot for your service. You have saved lot of my time and money.