Creating shared value by distributing free tamper evident labels April 02 2017

ClearTranscripts was incorporated in 2014 to solve the frustrations of students, alumni, administrators and admission officers face with the existing manual transcripts delivery system. We started a programme last year to distribute free tamper evident labels to educational institutions. We are happy to inform that we have distributed over 20000 free tamper evident labels to various educational institutions. Our aim is to distribute over 100000 labels this year.



Educational Institutions face several inadequacies in providing superior service to alumni. One of them is that the packaging materials used are very susceptive to tampering and suffer damage during international delivery, thus making the whole process redundant for the applicants.


To address this problem, we started providing free Tamper Evident Labels to be used on the flap of the sealed transcript envelope. The tamper evident label is beneficial for avoiding fraud as it leaves a residual VOID mark on the envelope when the envelope flap is forcefully opened. Each label is unique serial numbered. Educational institutions need not pay for this. It is offered through our foundation with absolutely no obligation on the educational institutions.  They can use the labels for all their transcript deliveries.


We have successfully distributed over 20000 labels among several educational institutions. We plan to extend this programme to distribute another one lakh labels before the end of this year. This is a small gesture to serve a social cause which we hope will go a long way in providing anti-counterfeiting / anti-frauding measure to educational institutions.