ClearTranscripts Indian Students Study Abroad Report 2013 March 23 2014

We are happy to release the ClearTranscripts Study Abroad Report 2013  where our team has compiled reports from various credible sources and presented them in a set of useful charts that will help Indian students in making decisions to study abroad.
Indian students taking GRE 
Delhi is a top location of GRE takers in India with over 20% base from the city. Hyderabad is close behind at 18%, followed by Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Number of exams taken in India during 2012 was 286529 with 831337 scores reported. Number of GRE exam takers in India was 85000 during 2012.
Indian students taking GMAT
Number of GMAT exam takers in India in 2012 was 30213 up by 18% since the previous year. 
United States was the top destination for GMAT takers in India with over 51% selecting United States as the choice of their business schools, about 18% of the students also opted Indian B-schools.
Women GMAT takers among Indian students
While the number of Woman GMAT takers has consistently increased by average of 10% in the last 5 years, growth in the percentage of women GMAT takes has reduced from 16% in 2008 to 12% in 2012.