ClearTranscripts Indian Students Study Abroad Report 2013 March 23 2014

We are happy to release the ClearTranscripts Study Abroad Report 2013  where our team has compiled reports from various credible sources and presented them in a set of useful charts that will help Indian students in making decisions to study abroad.


Age of Indian students opting to study abroad

Most Indian students move to study abroad during the ages 21-25 followed by those in the age bracket of 26-30. About 12% of students in their teens also move abroad for studies.


Gender of Indian students opting to study abroad

Female students fall significantly behind males here with only 25% of female students opting to study abroad.



Educational Background of Indian students studying abroad

About 37% of Indian students moving abroad for higher education after their undergraduate degree, following by those who are already employed constituting about 26% and 23% pursuing after their post graduate course.



Indian students sources of funding for education abroad

Large group of students about 37% pursuing studies in United states have some form of grant from the US government, about 30% of students depend on access to parents money or own money to pursue higher education abroad.