ClearTranscripts Indian Students Study Abroad Report 2013 March 23 2014

We are happy to release the ClearTranscripts Study Abroad Report 2013  where our team has compiled reports from various credible sources and presented them in a set of useful charts that will help Indian students in making decisions to study abroad.

Indian students perceptions on friendly regions
US is the most friendliest region as per the perception of Indian students with over 60% of students feeling the same, followed by Australia, and European Union.
Indian students - Most competitive labour market
Over 57% students consider United States as the most competitive labour market followed by EU and Australia.
Indian students - Most co-operative mentality
United States occupied the top spot with 43% of students considering the region as most co-operative mentality followed by EU and Australia.
Indian students safest place to live
United states and EU are considered the safest places to live as per the opinion of 29% and 23% of the students respectively.
Indian students Quality of life and Affordability
Australia is a top choice for quality of life and affordability with 37% of the students opting it followed by United States at 23% and European Union at 9%
Indian students - Best job opportunities during studies
United States is the number one destination in terms of best job opportunities with 69% considering job opportunities are the best in US during studies followed by Australia and EU.